"A Book for Family Reading" (books 1 & 2) by Jim Cromarty, Evangelical Press, ISBN 0-85234-339-6, ISBN 0-85234-352-3
"A Book for Family Worship" by Jim Cromarty, Evangelical Press, ISBN 0-85234-388-4

reviewed by Andrew Haylett

Jim Cromarty, retired Australian schoolteacher and pastor, has written these books to help parents teach basic Christian truth to their children. Each book is divided into fifty-two chapters; these chapters typically consist of an introductory Bible reference which is to be read first, a short story or anecdote, and an illustration and application of the reading. At the end of each chapter are listed several points to provoke thoughtful discussion and to press home the doctrine to the child's heart. "A Book for Family Worship", the third in this collection, also ends each chapter with some verses from a psalm for meditation, and some suggestions for prayer. However, all three books would be entirely appropriate for use in family worship, or for bedtime reading, and would be most suited to children of primary school age.

The strengths of these books are the carefully-chosen illustrations, drawn from the wide personal experience of the author; the serious, faithful and challenging Bible teaching; and the pointed and heartfelt application that seeks, above all, to change the heart of the child, to emphasise the vital need for true faith and obedience, and to build Christian character. I warmly commend this book to all parents who are serious about raising faithful young servants for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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