The Shepherd Knows His Sheep
Mrs. Thelma Jenkins

Once upon a time I took a copy of my book "A Breath of Fresh Air" to show a farmer. I wanted to show him the photograph in the book of the field with the sheep and lambs. He was out at the time, but I spoke to his wife. When I returned to my cottage, I realise that I had not said that the photograph was of their field. To my mind, it could have been a field anywhere in Wales. The next days, as I was passing the farm, I called in again. This time the farmer himself was there and I said, "I forgot to mention to your wife that it was your field, although I expect you were aware of that?" "Oh yes", he replied, "I recognised the ewes - and that photo was not taken this year, it was several years ago!" I said, "Yes it was. I believe I took it three or four years ago." "Yes" he said, and pointing to the sheep, he said "That one has gone, and that one, and that one."

It was amazing to me that he should recognise ewes that he had owned so long ago. When he said that he knew all the ewes that he owned at the present time, I asked him how many that would be. He thought for a moment and said, "With the new ones, about six hundred!" He told me that he could recognise them by their habits, where they fed in the field and so on, and added that all the lambs in that particular field were twins.

Need I say that the words that sprang into my mind immediately were those spoken by our Lord in John chapter 10 verses 14 and 27?

"I am the Good Shepherd and know my sheep, and am known of mine."

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me."